Management structure




The kindergarten's executive director is mainly responsible for the daily operation and management of the kindergarten. Organizes and implements the kindergarten's work together with the kindergarten's PYP coordinator, director of education, director of logistics, kindergarten doctor and accountant. Several levels of leading members form an important and complete management structure.

Our management is clear, the responsibilities of each post are clear, and the work routine of the staff is standardized. We insist on holding all the staff meetings every month to discuss with everyone, summarize and sort out the work every month. The director and relevant personnel strengthen the inspection of each post, and give guidance in time in case of any problems. Members of the leading group can strengthen communication and maintain cohesion.

Communicate every week, find problems and solve them at any time to ensure smooth information throughout the park. We build a family culture with the concept of "uniting small families, developing everyone and serving the country". We conduct regular assessment and study to promote the teaching and learning to consciously abide by the ethics and style of teachers. Through a series of activities, we have jointly built a community of learners, strengthened the construction of teachers' morality of teachers and workers, and established a good fashion for kindergartens.

Teacher preparation


Each class is equipped with three teachers. The class administrator is in charge of the class and PYP Curriculum. The assistant teacher is responsible for cooperating with the administrator about teaching activities;English teacher is responsible for the English course, providing immersion model ; the third teacher is responsible for the daily life care of children.